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During WWI several trenches were run in parallel. From the frontline trench to the support trench and behind that the reserve trench.Urban Construct produce wargames terrain trench sections, which are modular and will fit together so that you can form this type of WW1 scenery.There is now a combi-deal WWI trench starter set. Communication trenches ran at approximately right angles to these trenches to connect up the whole system.

Initially during WWI, warfare was mobile but as each side prepared defensive positions to protect their flanks, fighting became more static. As each side constructed their trenches they extended further and further to the sides. However,once these systems extended as far as the Alps and the English Channel, fighting became static. This stalemate did not begin to break until the invention of the trench crossing tank by British forces in 1916.

This 28mm scale resin model is of a British Mark IV Male tank. The two gun barrels are constructed of plastic tube as resin can be brittle at small diameters and the tube instantly gives a muzzle. The two side machine guns are constructed from copper tube to give an instant muzzzle and a thin casing to represent the Lewis machine guns often installed on the male version of the Mark IV. Some assembly gluing is required to fit these. The Germans often used captured Mark IVs and painted iron crosses on them for identification. There is also a model of the German WWI tank, the A7V.

Originally called the tank as a deception (as in water tank), over 400 Male tanks were produced. The Mark IV British tank was basically a modified Mark I, incorporating all the war experience acquired on the front.The main improvements were an increase of armour, up to 12 mm, and the relocation of the fuel tank. The later has enough room for 70 gallons, for an operational range of 35 miles. The Mark IV was propelled by the Daimler-Foster, 6-cylinder in-line sleeve valve petrol engine, which developed 105 bhp at 1,000 rpm, allowing a speed of 4 miles/hour. Transmission had 2 forward and 1 reverse primary gears and 2 speed secondary gears. It was still relatively complex for the driver, but an improvement over the previous models. The armament comprises 2 Lewis machine guns and two short barrelled QF 6pdrs mounted in side sponsons. A further Lewis machine gun can be added to the front hull.

Another improvement was to carry a large fascine, made of brushwood bundle with chains, carried at the front. Urban Construct produce a suitable fascine model fascine.

The model measures 160mm long.

This model is also suitable for VBCW, Steam Punk and Savage Worlds (Deadlands, Ripper,...)

Other models or figures in the photographs are not included.

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