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These 8 pieces of resin terrain represent tree stumps, taller broken off trees and a single fallen tree. There are 5 smaller tree stumps, 2 taller broken trees and one tree that has been uprooted or blown over, exposing its roots. They all have a rough bark texture that can easily be painted using a diluted black ink wash and drybrushing burnt umber to bring out the detail and 'grain' of the bark. the exposed heart of the tree is a series of raised rings to give the texute of growth rings.

They can be used for scenery in woods, forrests, fields or in the urban environment as damaged trees or the bases of whole trees and for cover. They are wide enough to hide most 28mm figures from hobbits to snipers. If you are using them for rpg or skirmish games then a figure can be stood on the stump to represent the fact that it has climbed the tree and is not merely hiding behind it.

They can be used for WW1, WW2 and WW3 as well as for fantasy, Warhammer, sci-fi, 40k, LOTR and medieval.

"Forget Fangorn" said Sam. "These gnarled tree stumps and trunks from Urban Construct are reminding me to pack an axe next time!"


The smaller stumps are 38mm high, by 19 to 20mm diameter at the top and with side roots. The taller trees are  58mm high. The fallen tree trunk is 102mm long, 20mm high on average and the roots are 38mm high.

Figures in the photos are not included in the price.

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