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These models are free to anyone who has prevoiusly bought the Victorian sewers. To increase the depth of the Victorian style of sewer these extra extension pieces or ‘shims’ are available. These can be produced to a depth of your choosing but generally 10mm is sufficient and gives 43mm clear height for accommodating taller 25/28mm wargamming figures.

These two resin models are packing pieces to fit straight sections of underground sewer (available seperately) to increase the depth of sewer to suit taller figures. These packing pieces are also available to suit the sewer 'T' junction and crossroad models by request.

Please note that the original sewer model is available seperately and is not included in this product's price even where shown in the photos.

Troops would use sewers in battle to move around the city unseen, for example during the battles for Stalingrad in WWII. This scenery model is highly detailed with brickwork on the faces inside the sewer and cable routes and a cable junction box on the top surface.

With these additional packing pieces the Victorian style sewers are deep enough to accommodate nearly all 25mm/28mm wargames figures for representing Stalingrad as an example. Not only will you have to watch the windows, doors and roofs but now the sewers and cellars as potential ambush sites. As well as historical  wargames this series or wargames terrain is suitable for near future and post apocalypse skirmish wargames as well as Warhammer 40k wargames. 

The clean-up continues: Private Harrison was well aware that a nuclear firestorm had blasted through the city just a couple of weeks ago. Down here in the sewers though, it was cool, almost untouched at this radius from ground zero. They’d spent their time patrolling the dead city, looking for survivors and resources. Mostly there were patches of dust and ash. He wouldn’t forget such images in a hurry but at least he was still alive. All the while his Geiger counter was clacking away, slower now they were below ground, like a metronome. “Stay awake Harrision” Sgt Bowers reminded. “What is it we’re looking for again Sarge?”. He didn’t get a reply. Just a gurgle from the intercom. And then static..……

This series of basement and sewer wargames terrain models will add a deeper and darker dimension to your wargames or role playing games. As well as providing excellent ambush sites, the cellars and sewers harbour all manner of hideous denizens.

History has shown that fighting in built up areas (FIBUA) is one of the most demanding operational scenarios. The complex 3 dimensional terrain and close quarter nature of the combat makes it extremely costly for the attackers, which is hopefully reflected in your wargame rules. Conversely a small group of well prepared and determined defenders can resist a much larger attacking force. Our terrain and modular scenery buildings bring the challanges of fighting in built up areas to your wargame.

These models are 144mm long by 57mm wide by 10mm deep (or thinner/thicker to suit your requirements, please specifiy). The sewer can accommodate most 25mm and 28mm wargames figures and depth dimension in the sewer (in which a figure must fit) can be adjusted to suit your requirements but 43mm should fit nearly all 25/28mm figures on average. The width at the base of the sewer channel (in which a base must fit) is 25mm on average.


These two resin models fit over the top, flat edge of the standard victorian sewer models.

The road sections fit over the top of these models, cover the troops and can therefore be used for hidden movement. The relevant road sections come with removable manhole covers so that ambushing troops can pop-up from behind. There are several sewer models available, which are part of the modular series of sewer models, which include a 'V2' bombed section.

These sewer wargames terrain pieces are modular and fit in with the modular road sections, cellars and even buildings. By placing a sewer section next to a cellar model you have built the foundation for a wall of the modular building series. Check out the ‘Gallery’ for demonstration photos of this arrangement. It is therefore possible to have a whole subterranean level below your buildings. As the depth of the basement and sewer models is the same as popular makes of polystyrene or Styrofoam, then where you don’t want a sewer terrain piece or cellar then this ‘gap’ can be filled with polystyrene (or any other material/objects that build up to approximately 50mm). 

As to the brickwork, it was a fine example in its day but due to neglect, decay and lack of investment in the city's infrastructure it is now not quite what it used to be.

You will notice from the photographs that the water flow looks particularly realistic when painted with shading and highlights then with approximately ten coates of gloss varnish.



We can only add "Abandon all hope ye who enter here".
















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