Security Fence


Product Code: F/SEC

This wargames terrain model represents a section of modern 'chain-link' fence and the model comprises one 144mm long resin base, 3 plastic 'H' section posts, a 144mm long, pre-painted section of plastic 'chain-link' mesh 60mm high and a 144mm long section of mock 'barbed wire'.

The 144mm long dimension matches the length of individual building elements, roads and sewers. Now you can protect your valuable office, research facility, industrial building or HQ.

It has been suggested that zombies in particular have problems scaling this type of fence, especially when its electrified! This is particularly useful when your'e keeping the zombies in as well as any nosy reporters out.

Should you require longer sections of 'fence' and mock barbed wire then these can be substituted for the standard individual lengths to match the number of sections ordered. Please use the order form to request this or "Contact Us".


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