Rough Concrete Road Barrier


Product Code: BAR/RC

Used to block-off or channel traffic, these rough surfaced barriers represent rough cast concrete. The textured surface allows for easy base coat/ink wash/dry-brush painting, which gives that worn and weathered concrete style finish. This type of barrier is quite often found in the urban environment and are the correct height to provide cover for 25 to 28mm figures. As the real barriers would be cast with reinforcing bars to strengthen them then these could be counted as providing hard cover.

This set comprises 8 rough textured resin model walls. There are 2 straight sections approx 72mm long, 2 'T' sections 36mm long, 2 short straight sections 36mm long and 2 right angle corner sections 43mm long. All are approx 25mm high and have a sloping kerb type base 22mm wide (don't forget that slotta bases are nearly 5mm high so that the walls will come up 20mm on figures).This set would make a good addition to our flyover series of models.

Ideal for use at checkpoints, providing an anti-vehicle barrier. If you also want to go a step further at a check point you could also use our anti-tank 'hedgehog' obstacles. Thes are still used in modern anti-vehicle barriers.

Add more details with mandatory road signs such as "Switch Engine Off at Checkpoint", "Do Not Stop" and various arrows and stripes.

All figures in the photographs are not included. Judge Dredd figures are avilable from Mongoose Publishing.

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