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This 28mm scale model represents a section of flyover ramp that is designed to fit in with the ‘flyover’ raised roadway series of models. The self supporting ramp comes with a solid electrical sub-station/plantroom under (see yellow louvred door and extract fan in the photo).

As with all our models these have highly textured surfaces. The road surface is gritty and this helps dry-brushing and with stopping figures sliding down. No bluetac has been used in these photos! The wall surfaces represent rough cast concrete. In some places the surface has spoiled away to expose the aggregate and reinforcing bars. We’re not sure of the cause but perhaps the nuclear explosion 20km away or local HE gunfire had something to do with this.  

The individual access ramp, to reach the flyover , bridge or ‘freeway’ is  290mm long and has walls either side which are 20mm high, superbly suited to rest weapons on! The clear width of the bridge is 96mm and can accommodate our different road surfaces if required. However, the road surface already has a rough texture, which is highly suited to painting with a dry-brush technique. The overall width is 120mm. The height it rises to matche the four column supports so if you want to use the 'T' style of supports then you will also need to purchase one central reservation model per column.

Double width versions of this model and the flyover, to suit landraiders etc…are available to order. Please contact us via the website.

Also part of this series, are columns, which are available separately but are not required to support the ramp, and are wide enough to support one end of 2 sections each so that: 3 are required to support 2 sections, 4 are required to support 3 sections etc...  Alternative column sets are available. The four column set can be used as a pair to support a bridge over, for example a motorway or river or just as a cross-over support in the built environment. The single ‘T’ support has a separate base so that the models can be detached and stored or transported flat.

As with our other buildings and sewers, this series of models is manufactured to a modular format. The advantage of our modular approach is that you have flexibility in how you lay them out or re-use them for alternative scenarios.

Prime the model first with a spray paint primer of black or dark grey. When painting , a dull overall coat of matt grey is recommended, then a light, diluted wash of black ink with a dry-brush of stone grey followed by an even lighter dry-brush of light grey. Where the flyover passes over a busy commuter route, anti-something slogans are highly recommended. Be aware though, that getting your message across can be quite difficult whilst painting upside-down and on the wrong side of the law!

Whilst the surface of the road is gritty and this helps with stopping figures sliding down the ramp it is still possible that top heavy or very light figures or vehicles may have trouble staying in place. We would suggest that should a vehicle slide down the ramp then either increasing its weight (by putting something in the hollow interior) or increasing its adhesion on its base (by putting clear silicon mastic) would increase the possibility of the model staying in place. We would not recommend bluetac as this may leave a residue.  

Any figures, columns, trucks or other models in the photos are not included but may be avialable seperately.

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