Product Code: JNK/RFT

These 2 pieces of resin terrain represent rafts made from oil drums and pallets. One would be suitable for two 28mm figures and the other for one. The scavangers that built these had thought ahead and provissioned the rafts with 'fresh' water, a paddle on the smaller and a punting pole on the double raft. Both are sunken in mud or sludge. They can be used as vehicles, scenery in sewers, as cover or as objective markers. The single raft model will also fit in the narrower 'Victorian' sewers as well as the deeper, wider sewers.

These models are also available as part of the  junk combi-deal, which saves you 10% off the price of buying the individual items. There are multiple images that describe the items in detail.

"Scavengers made rafts to help them move through the sewers, which became deep in places. Also, nobody knew what effect the ‘Event’ had had on the sewage. In places it was a black brown where oil drums, which had been stored in the sewers, had leaked. In other places there were fluorescent patches and stains where goodness knows what had leaked from the ‘Laboratory Enterprise Zone’ into the sewers. Rumours of infested water and mutant aqueous creatures abounded. Were these urban myths or real dangers? Either way subterranean communities had developed ‘duck’ board walkways so that they didn’t need to enter the water and rafts to commute to salvage sites."

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