Pavement corner cobbled


Product Code: PV/COB/CNR

You get a pack of four corners, which fill the space between the four pavement terrrain corners of a completed cottage or terrrace of cottages.These waragmes terrain models are part of the cottage terrain series of wargames models.  They also fit the spaces between ruined cottage wall sections. Cobles or cobbs were large or small chunks of stone set into the road or pavement surface. Whilst hard wearing they did not always provide a smooth ride!

These can be bought separately as a pack of four or can be bought as part of the COMBI-DEALS, which give a 10% price discount.

In one pack you get two left handed corners and two right handed corners. All are highly detailed with the small rounded stone cobble style terrain finish.

These terrain models also fit the road section wargames terrain series, including the space between cottages and road sections at 'T' junctions and cross-roads. They are also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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