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 The gun is included as a three part plastic assembly.

This wargames terrain model is based on the VF600, which was one of the most common gun positions numbering approximately 80 of this type on the Atlantic Wall. The basic Vf600 gun emplacement, was widely modified to suit local conditions. One of the more notable modifications was to build the emplacement into the parapet of existing high sea walls. This particular type can be seen in the British/Canadian sectors of the D Day beaches especially on Juno Beach. The standard design was reinforced with a massive 3.5 metre thick glacis added toward the sea to provide protection against gun fire from the Royal Navy’s battleships. This has been reflected in the wargames terrain model, together with the 'rough' finish of shuttered mass-concrete, which was poured in phases. In addition a reinforced concrete roof was constructed over the gun. The lip of the roof was formed with a zigzag pattern as a crude type of camouflage. The position was designed to provide enfilade fire along the beach and the gun position projected out past the sea wall to achieve this. This is reflected in  this wargames terrain model.This type of gun platform caused numerous casualties on D Day and proved difficult to knock out on the seaward side. They were eventually overcome from the more vulnerable landward side by infantry or tank assaults. You could wargame this with paratroops or flanking commando units or Royal Marines.

At the resistance nest WN27 on the Juno Beach the sea wall was sometimes over 3.6 metres high. This is reflected in the height of this wargames terrain model. The most effective defence of the seaside village St Aubin-sur-Mer was a 50 millimetre pedestal mounted gun in such an emplacement built into the parapet of the sea wall. The 50mm bunker knocked out several tanks as they came ashore and remained in action for over 3 hours on D-Day until finally assaulted by infantry from the landward side.

Other examples are two 50 mm anti-tank gun bunkers built into the sea wall at Bernieres-sur- Mer. Although the barrel could point out to sea on one of these bunkers, it was primarily positioned to enfilade the beach. This position was part of WN28 on Juno Beach and although was bombed and shelled very little damage was done. The defenders put up a fight when the Queen’s Own Rifles landed. The Canadians suffered their highest D Day casualties here, on Nan White.
Given the history and effectiveness of these gun emplacements they would make excellent scenario objectives. Whilst holding up the armour on the beaches your infantry assault teams would have to outflank and assault the gun from landward. Good luck with that!



The parapet gun emplacement wargames terrain model is approximately 133mm wide by 129mm high (average) by 176mm front to back, including base. The internal dimensions of the terrain emplacement are 59mm deep and 59mm wide, and will provide sufficient cover for most 25mm to 28mm figures. This gun emplacement terrain model is complete with a demountable roof for wargaming ease and the clear dimension (in which a wargames figure must fit) is 38mm, which should suit most 25mm to 28mm gun crew wargames figures. Please note that this wargames terrain model is heavy and extra care should be taken when lifting or not to drop when moving.

The gun is included and comprises three parts, which will require superglue to assemble and a brass rod pin is included for insertion into the base. Adult supervision will be required. We recommend that the pedestal is mounted on the pin in the emplacement terrain first, then the gun. The shield will need to be aligned with the top of the emplacement to ensure it is level with this scenery before gluing into place. The gun barrel may stay in place without gluing and as such the elevation can be altered. However, we would also recommend gluing this in place at an angle to suit your wargames requirements.

This model can be combined with the wargames terrain sea wall system models to form a long impenetrable defence on the beaches. You can also leave a gap in the sea wall for access to the beach (covered by the above gun emplacement) to represent the beach exit or draw. This can be reinforced however, by using the wargames terrain anti -tank wall system with scenery steel barrier and this can be supported with wargames terrain “ringstande” tobruks, complete with captured French tank turrets (also available).

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.


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