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Next show:  Salute 2021. 13th November, Excel London

Salute' pre-order by the  for collection at our stand. Postage will be refunded when you collect your goods at our stand. Please let us know that you want to collect in person when you order.

New stone bridge, wide enough to take a Tiger, old enough to take a Centurion. This stone bridge is packed with surface detail texture to make it easy for quick effective painting. We recommend using an ink and then dry brushing the original basecoat and a lighter colour for highlights. Available as separate pieces so you can make it as long as you want or as starter sets which also give a discount. Ruined sections available too so you can replace destroyed sections or, even start that way, giving a challenge to cross...

. 28mm

Our popular WW2 Armoured Bulldozer is back in production with new moulding. Also 28mm scale Cop car and Station Wagon are already available and other vehicles will also be coming soon. Scrap yard vehicles available and shanty huts..


Our popular range of craters which have always been available at the shows are now available in our web-store under WWII fortifications but can be used for most modern periods.


New Drop Pod for 40k or SOTR or Steam Punk, actually any type of airborne assault or exploration.


New 28mm flail , bulldozer blade and deflated DD skirt for 28mm (1:56)Sherman tanks for D-Day operations and beyond. British WWI tank Mark IV (Male), German AV7 tank and 'D-Day bunkers' Armoured Bulldozer. Explor "Trenches" section to find out more....


New fuel tank added.

New Command Bunker, Trench. As well as the 90o bend for WW1 trenches we now add our command bunker with roof, which can also be used as a dug-out. See the "Trenches" section for more details.

New Ultra Block launched. Near-future/sci-fi building.

Suitable for 40k, Infinity, Judge Dredd, 20-28mm skirmish, Warzone, Relic Knights or role playing games 

New Colonists to populate the Off World Colonies...recruiting now. Do you qualify? Have you earnt the right to go Off World? These 28mm metal miniatures are here to populate you tabletop, always willing to get in the way when a fire fight breaks out or act out your latest scenario...Thanks to samuraitrev for the beatiful painting.

The new flyover range has been increased by the addition of 90 degree and 45 degree bends.

Thanks to Karl, the team and our customers (new and old) for an excellent show at Vapnartak!

Road blocks added. Rough cast concrete and round top kerb types

The Judge Dredd game went well, except for the perps mostly, but also one Judge killed. Thanks to all those that played, came over or made purchases. The new venue worked well and there was a buzz in the hall. Thanks to Nigel for the organisation.


Merge now! with New Interchange/slip-road model

The 25/28mm slip road or interchange allows two streams of traffic to merge. One stream of traffic could be from an entry or exit ramp.

Excellent for post apocalypse, near future, speedway, modern, Middle East, Judge Dredd, Necromunda, 40k and Savage Worlds,  the ‘flyover’ range includes exit/entry ramps, four-column supports, ‘T’ column supports, straight roads with parapets and ruined road sections. Not only is there an upper level giving you the high ground but plenty of cover and shady corners to hide in below. The columns and ramps provide a concrete forest and perfect ambush site and hide-out for your nefarious gangs.



Level Up with New Access Ramp

 The new resin 25/28mm rampsare designed to fit in with their ‘Flyover’ raised roadway series of models. The self supporting ramp comes with a solid electrical sub-station/plantroom under (see yellow louvred door and extract fan in the photo). The ‘flyover’ range includes central reservations and crash barriers, four-column supports, ‘T’ column supports, straight roads with parapets and ruined road sections. As well as ramps, slip roads will be added and a limited number available at Colours 2012.

Launched at Salute the flyover proved very popular. We will only be bringing a limited number of ramps and slip roads. To avoid disappointment we will be taking pre-orders for Colours 2012 from now until Wednesday 29th August. Your postage will be refunded.

New cast metal hedgehogs. Not the spikey type. Well, yes the spikey type, but metal and used in WW2 to modern day as an anti-tank obstacle.

Flyover Model

Available in separate pieces please see the "Roads, sewers" section.