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These all metal cast terrain pieces represent metal anti-tank obstacles used in WWII by the Germans to protect the Atlantik Wall, orads, fields of fire, bunkers etc... Quite often they would be fixed into concrete blocks below the surface of the ground. They would be installed onto the beaches along the invasion coast to distrupt a landing, trap tanks and destroy landing craft or boats. At high tide any landing craft that did'nt see them would run up them and the hull would be ripped open causing it to sink.

These anti-tank abstacles are still used today as fixed defences and as road blocks.

There are three complete models in this pack and each model comes in two sections, which will require superglue to join. Some assembly is required and this should be supervised by an adult. Once assembled they are 40mm long, 43mm wide and approximately 40mm high. We would also suggest a packet of our mock barbed wire to wind around these obstacles.

Roads, tanks, figures, mock barbed wire shown in the photos are for reference only and are not included, although the roads and mock barbed wire are available to purchase seperately.

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