Free paint guide

Sewers: this series of sewer models were initially painted by starting with a light grey car spray primer for the concrete panels and water and a red car primer for the ground areas.

 Then the wall panels were painted with Velajo Stone Grey 104 and the earth areas painted with flat earth, leaving the brick areas as sienna.

 All surfaces were coated with a diluted black wash.  Stone grey was then dry brushed back over the panels and then an even lighter dry brush of Velajo Light Grey 155 just as a highlight.

 The reinforcing bar mesh was initially painted gunmetal grey. For painting the ‘water’ I used Velajo Burnt Umber in the centre, Flat Earth 143 to near the edges and yellow green 112 at the edges and dry brush over the ridges. It is important to experiment and develop the effect you are looking for.

The surrounding ‘ground', was primed with matt red car primer and then brushed with burnt sienna. After a wash of GW black ink, the whole was dry brushed again with burnt sienna. Pipes and mesh were painted the same as the reinforcing steelwork described above.

The three-coloured water was dry brushed over with Vellajo flat earth to blend the three bands.

Then the three bands were dry brushed over with an even thinner coat of yellow green.

The whole of the water section was then stained using a wash of Model Mates Oil Brown.

Gloss varnish was added in at least five coats thickness, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Mesh and steel pipework were partially painted or dry-brushed with light rust 301 and then another wash of sepia, extened down the wall to represent staining.

Cables, mesh and pipes were painted in industrial colours to suit the game and stained to represent weathering, damage or rust.

If you would like further tips on paininting any of our models then please e-mail us using the "Contact-Us" button or refer to the inividual item's description.