Cobbled crossroads


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This wargames terrain modular road section represents a cobbled road with manhole cover. The manhole cover is removable so that a wargames  figure can be positioned 'popping up' through the manhole in ambush.

Cobles or cobbs were large chunks of stone, cut roughly square, and set into the road surface. Whilst hard wearing they did not always provide a smooth ride! The manhole is a means of access to the underground drainage sewers. primarily used for maintenance of the sewer they also became useful 'pop-up' positions for troops which used the sewers as a means of hidden movement around the city. The urban battleflield is truly 3 dimensional.

During WW2 city sewers were used by both sides to move around the city without being seen. Particularly in Stalingrad. See the modular sewer terrain models. Not only will you have to watch the windows, doors and roofs but now the sewers and cellars as potential ambush sites.

History has shown that fighting in built up areas (FIBUA) is one of the most demanding operational scenarios. The complex 3 dimensional terrain and close quarter nature of the combat makes it extremely costly for the attackers, which is hopefully reflected in your wargame rules. Conversely a small group of well prepared and determined defenders can resist a much larger attacking force. Our terrain and modular scenery buildings bring the challanges of fighting in built up areas to your wargame.

Vehicles or wargames terrain scenery barricades displayed in the photos are not included in the price for this item but are available seperately


the wargames terrain cobbled road section is 144mm wide by 144mm long.

This terrain model is also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas.

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