Central reservation


Product Code: FLY/CRES

The central reservation models are the 10mm thick approx 'planks'. These go between road sections to form a freeway, highway, motorway or dual carridge way. They are also designed to fit under the 'concrete' bases of the 'T' column supports. These central reservation sections are 145mm long to fit our road and sewer module dimension and 52mm wide to fit between dual road models positioned centrally on our standard sewer grid.

They have a gravel texture with a central shallow drainage 'ditch' and drainage grating. Where 'T' style columns are being used we recommend that the separate concrete bases are stuck to the central reservation models with 'green-stuff' or milliput to give the column support added stability.



Metal barriers are also available to form a crash barrier on the central reservation model.

Barriers, columns, bases or figures in the photographs are not included in the price.

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