Product Code: JNK/CGO

These two pieces of resin terrain represent cargo that has accumlated or been deposited in the mud. They can be used for scenery in sewers or in muddy fields, as objective markers or for cover. These are also available as part of the junk combi-deal, which saves you 10% off the price of buying the individual items. There are multiple images that describe the items in detail.

"Some of the containers were metal, were heavy, and sank to rest on the bottom of the mud. Their design was curious as if they weren’t from this Earth. Not that the material from which they were made was unusual. It still rusted and it could be damaged. The deep score marks were witness to this. However, they appeared not to have openings and were hermetically sealed. Rumour was that they contained alien artefacts or were themselves alien and had crashed down from the upper atmosphere to earth during the ‘Event’. Either way, it may be best to be in an armed group when opening them."

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