Bookcase Double


Product Code: FG/BCD

This resin model is of a double wooden bookcase loaded with books of varying sizes on four shelves. There are other artifacts which could be chiselled or painted out if required, such as an animal skull with horns,bottles some scrolls and a small cube hidden at the back. These items would be as much at home in a bond villain's lair (TV7) as in a wizards library. Each side is slightly varied. For a 28m scale game it will block the line of sight and is wide enough for characters to stand on top of. Vary useful for creating a maze out of. Also available are two different 50mm square bases of spilt books, which can be painted as mouldy and flocked to make them appear frozen or frosted. It measures approx 150mm wide by 43mm deep by 65mm high and has books both sides.

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