Product Code: CSWR/BAR

These two resin models represent barricades, which can be used to block of a section of road or sewer. Both models are highly detailed and paint well using base coats, black washes and dry-brushing. Both models have rough textured surface at the base to represent spoiling from corrosion. One model has 4 metal tube posts that are filled with concrete. To cut through them is a problem as even if the metal is penetrated the concrete filling creates a barrier resitant to thermo lances or heat cutting equipment. The second model is with 3 steel beams, buried in the ground or mud. They would be perfect as a barrier to armoured vehicles as well as troops in the sewers.

They can be used as barriers, cover or just as scenery. The sewers and mock barbed wire shown in some of the photos are not included but are available seperately code:BARB or CSWR/T


These models are approximately 48mm by 22mm base with a height of apporximately 41mm. Whilst these models are designed to fit the concrete sewer series they can also be used to block roads or building entrances.

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