Roof Access stairs


Product Code: SRF/STR/R

This model represents a roof access stairwell. The steel door opens out onto the roof. This resin model compliments the Town House and Scientific Research Facility buildings. On the SRF building this model can be placed over the roof hatch. This model can be positioned over the staircase below that that it forms a continuation of the stairwell.

How many films have one of these in a sequence of roof top chases? How will your snipers gain easy access or egress from the their roof top firing position? How will the SAS fire team gain access to catch that sniper? Will he/she have booby-trapped this door?

The roof access door has been reinforced with security chequer-plate. This can be painted gunmetal grey, then washed with GW black wash, dry brushed with gunmetal, drybrushed with silver to bring out the chequerplate pattern and finally washed with GW sepia to give that rusty 'exposed to the elements' appearance.

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